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Contents of Powercursor Engine

After you've downloaded the powercursor engine you can start building your own powercursor project. Make sure you always redistribute powercursor.swf along with your project. You can start working with new_project.fla that already includes basic powercursor functionality, or you can import the library of this file into your existing flash project.


Filename Type Description
powercursor.swf flash (compiled) This file contains the powercursor software engine and library. Always redistributed this file along with your project in the same directory. (otherwise powercursor functionality won't work).
new_project.fla flash (source) Can be used to start your own project. This flash source project links the engine and contains basic powercursor functionality.
example1.swf flash (compiled) An example of a flash file that uses powercursor effects.
example1.fla flash (source) Source file of example file. Use this file to learn more about the use of powercursor.
readme.txt text Text file, contains basic information about powercursor