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Force feedback can add tactile sensations to computer interfaces, but it requires special haptic equipment which is not part of the standard desktop computer setup. It has been proposed that the effect of force feedback can also be optically simulated using cursor displacements. PowerCursor is a toolkit for prototyping new mouse behaviours using cursor displacements. Learn More...

Powercursor is a software toolkit in Flash for designing interfaces you can touch.

Tactile sensations like stickiness, roughness, pressure, volume or mass can be experienced in a graphical user interface without resorting to special force feedback devices. Powercursor uses a technique called 'optically simulated haptic feedback' to evoke the tactile experience.

The software engine consists of a set of force field objects that can be added to any Flash project: Holes, Hills, Slopes, Roughs, Walls, Whirls, and more. Powercursor enables interaction designers to add a sense of feel to their Flash interfaces without difficult programming.

Try more examples or download powercursor and start creating richer interfaces now.

If you want to learn more about the scientific background of optically simulated haptic feedback, read the PhD thesis What You See is What You Feel (pdf), written by its inventor Koert van Mensvoort.