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Force feedback can add tactile sensations to computer interfaces, but it requires special haptic equipment which is not part of the standard desktop computer setup. It has been proposed that the effect of force feedback can also be visually simulated using cursor displacements. PowerCursor is a toolkit for prototyping new mouse behaviours using cursor displacements. Learn More...

Powercursor development team

Dr. ir. Koert van Mensvoort MFA (concept, research, programming, design, production)
Prof. Dr. ir. Berry Eggen (research)
Dr. ir. Dik Hermes (research)
ir. Peter Vos (research)
ir. Koen Hendrix (programming)
Pascal de Man (programming)
Niels Schrader MFA (design)
Mieke Gerritzen (design, production)
Sander Coenen (design)
Tanja Keilen (sound design)

If you have any questions or remarks about Powercursor functionality. Please use the support forum.

Contact the powercursor team
Koert van Mensvoort (email)
Rustenburgerstraat 4
1074 ET Amsterdam

PowerCursor is co-produced by the University of Technology Eindhoven and All Media Foundation.

TueAll Media Foundationdigitale pioniers Fonds BKVB

With financial support of Fonds BKVB and Digitale Pioniers.

Creative Commons License
Powercursor is distributed under a Creative Commons License (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike).